Health coaching – with a difference!

Mello Motivation is a nurse health coaching service dedicated to empowering everyday people. Take charge of your own health, discover where you need to make changes and create a lifelong, healthier lifestyle with our help. Whether you have been diagnosed with a chronic health disease, are recovering from surgery, struggling with losing that last 5kgs or overworked and exhausted –  we can help you claim your life back.

Founded by Melanie O’Shea, a degree-educated nurse and published author, Mello Motivation’s health coaching helps you create a holistic ‘plan of attack’. This means you can tackle your health and wellbeing goals as manageable, realistic steps. Mello Motivation’s one-on-one health coaching sessions and easy-to-follow programs can help guide you to a happier, healthier you. Make lasting changes to your diet, exercise and lifestyle that’ll make you feel like you – again!

Need help interpreting your doctor or allied health professional’s diagnosis? We can liaise with them to help you understand your diagnosis and your treatment options.

Why choose a nurse health coach?

Melanie is a degree-educated health nurse who is knowledgeable about:

  • anatomy and how body systems work, and what each body system needs to run efficiently; 
  • disease processes and the role of medication; 
  • the influence of diet and other lifestyle choices on health outcomes and recovery from illness/disease; 
  • prepping the body for and healing from surgery; 
  • chronic health conditions (like diabetes and heart disease). Can recommend how to implement lifestyle changes as instructed by doctors or dieticians that complement your medications.

Why choose a health coach?

  • help explore road blocks stopping you from achieving your health and wellness goals
  • brainstorm possible strategies to overcome these obstacles
  • design a holistic plan together that will help you upgrade all areas of your life (eg. relationships, career) by improving your health
  • have a support system that will monitor your progress and hold you accountable, to motivate you to achieve more than you thought possible
  • cultivate lifelong tools for health by learning to use holistic methods of healing – through food, meditative practices, self-care techniques, and fitness programs
  • grow in confidence and self-belief to take charge of your own health, and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle for yourself

A health coach can help you address the various components of your life that are holding you back. Embark on a journey or clearing out old habits and patterns. Those around you will be inspired to do the same!